#34 - Heartaches and Yesterdays - in One: Rush Delivery

Heartaches and Yesterdays

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daysofsuturepast daysofsuturepast said:


Aw, buddy :(

When you can't actually remember the contents of the letter you wrote, just that you wrote one, that's not a great sign. Also, Doctor Dad the Pragmatist doesn't miss an opportunity to work and talk at the same time.

Now. It was so tempting to be vague, to imply the contents of the letter rather than just coming out with it. Being frank was a surprisingly scary proposition, even though this arc has been written into the core of the story from the very beginning, way back in January. This is better, I think. Everyone knows the score this way, no cheap surprises down the line.

I don't want anyone to sit on a downer page for a whole week. So, double update!

19th Oct 2020, 12:00 PM